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The safety problem of motor lifting should not be underestimated

Constant force motor as a mechanical sex of equipment, whether in the production process of the motor, or the customer's actual use process, will meet the lifting problem, feedback information can be found from the market, there are quite a few is lifting machine problem, this problem not only involves the security of motor ontology, more importantly will involve the safety of the operator. Hengli motor warm tip: before the motor lifting must do a good job in all aspects of inspection, otherwise all the consequences.

Notes for use of lifting ring nut

Ring nut refers to a nut twisted with a bolt or screw for fastening parts, all production machinery must be used as an element. Lifting ring nuts are commonly used fasteners in engineering. There is a screw under the nut, according to its different specifications, drilling, screw fixation.

Lifting ring nuts are the parts that hold mechanical equipment tightly together. They can only be held together by means of internal threads, lifting ring nuts and screws of the same specification. Constant force motor lifting ring nut, often used in conjunction with external thread column, lifting all kinds of equipment, such as mold, case, motor, etc.

● In order to prevent accidents, the use shall not exceed the specified use load.

● Ring can be seen by the naked eye deformation, should be scrapped.

● When lifting, accompanied by an increase in acceleration or impact, the load must be re-evaluated.

● When lifting at 45°, measures such as counterfacing should be added to make the supporting surface of the bolt or nut be closely attached to the fitting. If necessary, add the appropriate washer so that both rings are aligned in the same plane.

● For the purpose of increasing mechanical properties, when special steel and other materials are used and heat treated, it becomes less ductile and prone to fracture before overloading and ring deformation, which is dangerous.

Introduction to rotary rings

With the vigorous development of the domestic mold industry, the rotary ring has been greatly promoted and applied. The main users are mold factories, machinery factories, etc., and the emerging wind power industry has a stronger demand for the rotary ring. The traditional lifting ring screw can only be lifted at 0 degrees, and the lifting Angle should not exceed 45 degrees laterally, otherwise there will be the risk of fracture. 45 degree loss 70%, 90 degree loss 75%. Today, more and more attention is paid to the safety of hoisting, rotating rings with its flexible, safe and durable performance.

The ring can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and flip 180 degrees up and down, four times the safety factor in any direction. Compared with the traditional lifting ring screw is more flexible and can meet the needs of lifting in all aspects.


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