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Entering the machining production line (1)

Hengli Motor machining Workshop is mainly responsible for metal cutting, that is, using a lathe to cut off excess parts from the blank to obtain the required geometry, size and surface roughness of the parts or semi-finished products. The commonly used machining methods include turning, milling, planing, grinding and drilling.

Overview of machining process for motor products

Machining is a constant force motor is an important component part of the manufacturing process, the motor parts matching accuracy, dimensional accuracy and roughness are heavily dependent on machining means, machining quality level of high and low, directly affect the motor machine quality and meet the design goals, has enormous influence on the performance and life of the motor. In hengli motor manufacturing motor of the total amount of labor, mechanical processing accounted for about 25~30%, machining workshop accounted for about 30%

At present, in the motor manufacturing industry, the percentage of machining labor is gradually decreasing. This is due to the continuous improvement of the parts structure and the continuous improvement of the accuracy of the blank manufacturing, reducing the workload of mechanical processing. With metal cutting machine tool cutting performance and cutting of continuous improvement, and the combination machine tools, automatic assembly lines or production line, the productivity of machining has improved significantly, however, this does not mean that the mechanical processing technology was studied in role tend to be marginalized in the motor manufacturing, process scheme and the more highlighted the importance of process route.

The parts in the motor that need to be machined, such as organic seat, end cover, shaft, rotor bracket, rotor, bearing cover, commutator, slip ring, and the bottom plate, bearing seat and bearing bush of the large motor, etc. In order to save the cost, Hengli motor has many accessories for outsourcing, and the selected suppliers are all in the upper middle level of the motor industry.

Interchangeability of motor components

In batch production and mass production of parts, without selection and repair, arbitrarily take out a part or part of the same specification, can be successfully assembled into the product, and can ensure the quality of the product. The interchangeability of parts or components of the same specification that can be used interchangeably is referred to as the interchangeability of parts or components.

Parts with interchangeability, hengli motor specialized workshops or factories for specialized production, using advanced manufacturing methods, so as to greatly improve labor productivity and reduce product costs. At the same time, it can shorten the assembling time and improve the assembling quality. In repair, when a part or component is damaged, it can be quickly replaced with a new part or component. The larger the scale of production, the more important the interchangeability of components.

In terms of units of use, the motor itself is often used as a component or component. First of all, the motor with the same specification can be installed interchangeably. Second, the removable parts can be used interchangeably.


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